Ana S Baldrich

I was born, grew up and graduated in Computer Sciences in Dominican Republic. Came eager to the United States looking for The American Dream.

As a New Immigrant, I passed through out all, the shame of not knowing fluent English, get a job with not papers, work with sneaker or use sneakers for the first time in my life, after been working behind a desk for seven years with high hills and nylons. Big, Big, Change, but today I can say, it was worth every effort, every mistake, all nights studying, and all those long working hours. They gave me the strength of knowing “I COULD”, and “I CAN”, and every one of you “CAN AND COULD”. We all can make the American Dream if we work for it!

I want to share my life experience with all my clients, I learn how to survive in the great times and dive under the worse scarcity. But I never gave up, and I owe a lot to those who believe in me through all my twenty two years in the United States of America.

My American Dream!

Anas Background:

  • Paralegal (graduated at North Eastern University)
  • License Real Estate Broker in the State of Massachusetts
  • Insurance Accounting and Disability Insurance Experience for about Ten Years.
  • Income Tax Preparation for about 16 years.
  • Experienced on Subprime Mortgage Industry in the years 2000 up.
  • Loan Modification helping the Community at Urban Edge Housing Corporation.
  • Volunteer for Chelsea Neighborhood Development with VITA (Volunteer Individual Tax Assistance)
  • Volunteer at Casa Nueva Vida family shelter’s fund raiser activities.
  • Mother helping families to be reunited (working with new immigrant and their families)